Hello, my name is Dr. Ron Grisanti. I would like to introduce myself . I have been in private practice since 1983. Before beginning my chiropractic career in Greenville, I lived in New York and completed my under-graduate studies in pre-med. My decision to attend chiropractic school was prompted by my dad's success with chiropractic care in the late 1960's and 1970's. As a retired police officer he suffered with severe back pain resulting from a herniated disc. His persistent pain was helped with chiropractic treatment. Although he finally had to have back surgery, it was his chiropractor who made the referral and suggested he had done everything within his profession to give my father relief. His honesty and integrity impressed me enough to research a possible career in chiropractic. 

After much research I discovered that chiropractic training was quite extensive chiropractic education facts and similar to medical training. The training was long and mentally draining. All I remember were late nights of intensive studying.. everything from organic chemistry to anatomy and physiology. Matter of fact most people do not realize that chiropractic training requires cadaver dissection to assist in our knowledge of anatomy of the human body. Chiropractic school requires a four year training program of thousands and thousands hours.. again after obtaining the necessary pre-med training from an approved University.

I completed my chiropractic training in 1981 and decided to get my first license in Pennsylvania. Shortly after obtaining my Pennsylvania license, I was hired by the Mt. Hope Chiropractic as an intern physician. My primary responsibility was clinical examinations performed six days a week. After a little less than one year I decided to return to South Carolina and get my state license. To be real honest, I really returned to propose to my girlfriend and present wife Debbie. After she accepted my proposal I decided to make South Carolina our permanent home.

In 1982, I successfully passed all the requirements to obtain my state license. Out of 66 applicants only 12 applicants passed. I was so thankful I succeeded on my first attempt. I really believe God had his hand on our lives and still does. Immediately after obtaining my new South Carolina license, I was offered the opportunity to become clinic director for a prestigious clinic in Anderson County.

After one year I had a deep desire to start my own practice. My only obstacle was I had no money and no collateral. Every bank and lending institute in Greenville refused to give me a chance. Debbie and I were so discouraged. We shed a lot of tears in those days. Our faith in God and belief in my professional skills encouraged us to move forward and keep searching for funding. To our delight, a good friend and successful chiropractor in Atlanta decided to help us obtain the necessary money to start my own practice.

January 1983 was the beginning of our new professional journey. Operating a new business required long hours and a tremendous amount of faith in God. As my practice grew, I decided to return for continued training in Orthopedics. Chiropractic orthopedics is a 3 1/2 year post-doctorate 360 hours of intensive studies. Out of 60,000 chiropractors in the U.S. less than 1% of the chiropractors hold the title of Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist. I must admit the happiest day in my professional career was receiving my certification in orthopedics.

As I continued in my professional career, I continued going back to school for additional training in Sports Medicine and Internal Disorders. Each post-graduate program was a minimum of 2 years. My sports training involved studies in the diagnosis and treatment of many athletic injuries.. everything from tennis elbow to a sprained ankle. Training in internal disorders was another post-doctorate program involving the diagnosis and conservative treatment of common diseases such as digestive disorders, asthma, heart disease etc.

Since the middle of 2000, I have decided to pursue certification in the field of Functional Diagnostic and Environmental Medicine. The study of this unique type of medicine has opened the door to a new and rewarding career. Unlike the field of chiropractic medicine which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of common joint and muscle problems, physicians specializing in the field Functional and Environmental Medicine are trained to utilize and most importantly interpret the most advanced medical technological testing procedures. Instead of the "cookbook" approach to disease.. that is name that disease and give a drug, a growing number of discerning physicians are realizing the tremendous limitation to that approach.

With the increasing number of people dying from heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases, physicians have become frustrated with the traditional medical approach and are discovering the tremendous benefit of incorporating a functional medical approach to their practice. Physicians are seeing significant medical improvements in patients that had been told "nothing else can be done... you simply have to learn to live with your condition."

This upcoming April of 2001, I had the honor to have been invited along with 19 medical  physicians out of over 2000 doctors across the country, to attend a week long medical conference in San Diego. The conference presented the  newest scientific medical procedures in the field of Functional Diagnostic Medicine. My training in the field of Functional Diagnostic Medicine has brought me back to San Diego and Atlanta for advance diagnosis and treatment of common degenerative diseases such as lupus, RA, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, female hormonal problems, etc..

Beginning September of 2001, I began my Master's in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Bridgeport.  Graduation will be April of 2003.

Since November of 2001 I have attended medical conferences on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Auto-Immune Diseases, Genome (Genetics and Environment), Allergies.

I am in the process of beginning a comprehensive program in Homeopathy. Will provide details in the near future


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2001  Ronald J. Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O
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