Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D.


PRESENT POSITION: Solo Practice, Sag Harbor, NY. CVO & founder of and CVO & founder of

Summary: I am a practicing physician with an interest in nutritional, biochemical and environmental aspects of chronic illness in adults and children. is a website funded by the Moody’s Corporation and dedicated to empowering families caught in the rise in incidence of autism by providing information technology that helps each child be seen as an individual by creating a detailed, structured, accurate medical record that can be used to track progress and find other closely matching individuals whose experience reveals actionable clinical options. Medigenesis is the parent company of this project and is involved in seeking other applications for its patented information technology applications to improve health and reduce health care costs.


Medical School (1960-1964) Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Internship (1964 1965) Department of Pediatrics, Yale New Haven Medical Center

Assistant Resident (June 1965 Jan 1966) Department of Pediatrics, Yale New Haven Medical Center

Assistant Resident (Jan 1966 June 1966) Department of Obstetrics, Hospital of St. Raphael, New Haven, CT (six months)

Peace Corps Volunteer, Chad, Africa (1966 1968)

1) Administrative and technical responsibility for program for retraining paramedical personnel for rural health care delivery. Worked with a staff of two laboratory technicians, three registered nurses, and two Chadian nurses in nine different towns to develop methods and a curriculum for retraining of allied health workers who were isolated from supervisory professionals.

2) Worked at Pilot Health Zone at Chaguoa, a village community of 7,000 outside of Njemena (Fort Lamy). Set up and supervised ambulatory health consultations; conducted a teaching program in midwifery.

3) Had partial responsibility for care of Peace Corps Volunteers and American Dependents in Chad.

Chief Resident (1968 1969) Department of Pediatrics, Yale New Haven Medical Center

Assistant Professor of Medical Computer Sciences (1969 1971) Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT. with a joint appointment in Pediatrics and Obstetrics.) Worked on on line interactive medical history systems with major emphasis in the pre natal area. Developed specifications for on line and batch input mechanisms for medical information with particular interest in the effective use of allied health personnel in medical information handling.

As a member of Patient Care Studies Committee of Yale New Haven Medical Center, worked on a large systems study of information handling methods in fifty clinical areas in the Medical Center.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale Medical School, (1969 1982)

Attending Physician, Department of Pediatrics, Yale New Haven Hospital (1969 to 1991)

Attending Physician (1971 1978) at High Meadows School, New Haven, CT, a state supported school for disturbed children.

Clinician (1971 1978), with a combined practice of pediatrics, family medicine, counseling, office gynecology, and nutrition in a pre paid group practice, Community Health Care Plan, Inc., New Haven, CT.

Adjunct Professor of School Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University, (1982 1988)

Practicing Physician (1978 1988), Director (1978 1985), and Director of Research (1985 1988), Gesell Institute of Human Development, an independent, non profit, diagnostic, treatment and research center. The Institute conducts clinical and research programs in child development, vision, nutrition and environmental medicine.

Practicing Physician in private practice (September 1988 - July 1991) and President of MCARES Development Corporation (1985 to present), a developer of medical computer software.

Senior Clinician and Director of Research (1991-1993) at Princeton BioCenter, Princeton, New Jersey.

Coordinator, Annual CME Nutrition Seminars, American Academy of Environmental Medicine (1991-1996)

Co-Founder and Coordinator, Defeat Autism Now! Group, Autism Research Institute. (1994-present

Practicing Physician in private practice (1993- )

Founder and CVO, Medigenesis (1999 -present) now powering funded by The Moody’s Foundation through a grant to Autism Research Institute.

Associate Editor, Integrative Medicine. 2003 – present.


Graduated: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire, 1955, Cum Laude.

Traveled in Far East and studied art and architecture, 1958 1959. Worked as a volunteer at Shanta Bhawan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal (Summer, 1959).

B.A., Yale University, 1960. Major: Far Eastern History.

M.D., Yale University, 1964, Cum Laude.


Alpha Omega Alpha, 1963

Ferris Prize, 1961 (Anatomy)

Ramsay Memorial Scholarship Prize, 1963 (Clinical Medicine)

Keese Prize (Best Thesis), Title: Plasmacytosis and Antibody Production in Transferred Cells), 1964.

Jonathan Forman Award presented by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Linus Pauling Award 1999 Presented by the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Licensed by Connecticut, 12263, September 29, 1965

Licensed by New Jersey, 56240, May 30, 1991

Licensed by New York, 299154, July 7, 2003

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics, June 21, 1970

Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine

Fellow, American Academy of Environmental Medicine (Board of Directors, 1981 1986))

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics, April 22, 1972

Member, American Medical Association

Member, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons




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A series of commentaries entitled “Lenses” in the Journal of Integrative Medicine appearing every other month. 2003-2005

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Baker, SM – The Metapnor of Oceanic Disease, Integrative Medicine, February-March, 2008

Baker, SM – Autism Advocate, April 2008

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Papers and Seminars presented at National or Regional Professional Meetings:

First Annual International Symposium on Health and the Environment: February 10 13, 1983, Dallas, Texas. Man and His Environment in Health and Disease Dallas, TX. Title: "Fatty Acids and Prostaglandins in Clinical Practice: Immunological implications"

Connecticut Association of School Psychologists, New Haven, CT, October 28, 1983, "Treating the Child vs. Treating the Illness"

17th Annual Advanced Seminar of The Society for Clinical Ecology, Colorado Springs, CO, November 4 8, 1983 "Digestion and Asthma"

The Yeast Human Interaction Conference, Birmingham, Alabama, December 9 11, 1983 (Organizer & Moderator), Paper presented:"What Every Budding Yeast Should Know About Humans"

The National Society for Children and Adults with Autism, San Antonio, TX, July 10, 1984 "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies in an Autistic Child with a Positive Response to Taurine"

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, July 16, 1984, Choosing Health: Personal Goals for Wellness Prevention and Longevity Seminar: "Practice of Holistic Health"

American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Chicago, IL: October 11 15, 1984, "Life Events in Multiply Sensitive Patients" and "Clinical Recognition of Fatty Acid Syndromes and their Treatment"

Boston University School of Medicine, October 31, 1984, "The Clinician's Dilemmas in the Use of Trace Elements in an Outpatient Setting"

The Yeast Human Interaction 1985, San Francisco, CA, March 29 31, 1985 (Organizer & Moderator), "Biological Questions Raised by Chronic Candidiasis Syndromes," "Nasal Colonization with Candida: Therapeutic Consideration," and "Shedding Light on the Yeast Problem"

The First Annual Medical Symposium on the Effects of the Environment on Man in Health and Disease, Toronto, Canada, April 13, 1985, "Growing Up: Problems in Learning and Behavior"

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, June 24, 1985, "History and Physical: How to Organize a Thorough Strategy for Assessing Patients in a Holistic Framework"

North American Nutrition & Preventive Medicine Association, Atlanta, GA, April 11, 1986, Half day seminar for physicians, "Strategy for Evaluation, Assessment, Therapy" and "Nutrition & Inflammatory Disease (Allergy, Arthritis, Dermatitis)"

British Society for Allergy and Environmental Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine, London, May 9, 1986, 1 day seminar covering biochemically based strategies in the environmentally sensitive patient with special reference to fatty acids and prostaglandins

Department of Child Psychiatry, Dundee, Scotland, May 23, 1986, "Behavioral Disorders in Children: Environmental and Biological Factors"

6th International Conference on Prostaglandins and Related Compounds, Florence, Italy, June 3 6, 1986, "Clinical and Laboratory Responsiveness of Childhood Behavior Problems to Fatty Acid Therapy: 3 Case Reports"

North American Academy of Munipulative Medicine, 1986 Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA, September 19, 1986, "Food and Flexibility: The Emerging Connection"

American Academy of Environmental Illness, 21st Annual Advanced Seminar, Clearwater, Florida, October 29, 1986, "The Language of Illness: The Problem Defined," and "Clinical & Laboratory Responsiveness of Childhood Behavior Problems to Fatty Acid Therapy"

North American Nutrition & Preventive Medicine Association, San Diego, CA", January 17, 1987 Co organizer and presenter of a three day conference for physicians (With Leo Galland, M.D.) "Evaluating & Treating the Environmentally Sensitive/Complex Patient"

New England Council of Optometrists, 65th Annual Vision Care Congress, Boston, MA, March 7, 1987, "Fungus Infections, Magnesium, Fatty Acids, 1950 1986"

Omega Institute Course for Physicians, Rhinebeck, NY, June 26, 1987 "Why are People Sensitive" and "Introduction to Immunology"

American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 22nd Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, October 29 November 1, 1987, "MCARES and PPRN"

American Association for the Advancement of Medicine, New Orleans. April 29 30 1988, "Medical Records for Research and Patient Care."

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Course for Physicians, July 2, 1988, "Holistic Approaches to the Immune System"

Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, 5th Anniversary X International Congress, Pittsburg, PA, "Computer Applications in Clinical Practice and Research"

American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 23rd Annual Meeting, "Patterns of Plasma and Red Blood Cell Phospholipid Abnormalities in Patients with Symptoms of Pain, Itching and Inflammation.", Lake Tahoe, Oct. 29, 1988

Immune Modulation Seminar Series: The Prevention of Immunosenescence, Spring 1989

Minneapolis January 28, 1989, Dallas February 11, 1989, Chicago February 12, 1989, New York April 8, 1989, Orlando April 9, 1989, Denver May 7, 1989, Los Angeles, May 20 1989, San Francisco, May 21, 1989

This is a one day course for physicians presented in collaboration with Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. The material of my lectures covers a clinical overview of the immune system, approaches to the assessment of its function, and a review of fatty acid and prostaglandin chemistry and magnesium metabolism. Clinical approaches to immune modulation are discussed.

Making Nutrition Work in Your Practice, Sonoma, CA, March 1 5 1989, A four day seminar given in collaboration with Jonathan Wright, M.D. and Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. covering clinical nutrition with an emphasis on immunology and chronic illness.

American Academy of Osteopathy, 1989 Annual Convention, Phoenix, AZ, March 29-April 1. "Fatty Acid Metabolism and Magnesium Deficiency" and "Computer Applications in Clinical Practice and Research"

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Course for Physicians, July 3, 1989, "Holistic Approaches to the Immune System"

American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 24th Annual Meeting, "Clinical Evaluation of Immune Function", Atlanta, GA, Oct. 31, 1989

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Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Course for Physicians, July, 1990, "Holistic Approaches to the Immune System"

Nutrition and Behavior; a Review of Double-Blind Studies, with Special Reference to Hyperactivity, Presented at a professional symposium sponsored by the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation, Toronto, Aug 2-4, 1990

Magnesium in Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics, A Symposium sponsored by the American Society for Magnesium Research, La Jolla, CA, May 3-4 1991: "Magnesium Deficiency in Primary Care and Preventive Medicine: Symptom profiles in relation to magnesium loading studies.

Fatty Acid Nutrition and Therapeutics, American Academy of Environmental Medicine CME Nutrition Course, Dallas TX, July 1992

Magnesium: Clinical Assessment and Therapy, American Academy of Environmental Medicine CME Nutrition Course, Dallas TX, July 1992

Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Bowel Fermentation Syndrome, Intestinal Candidiasis, Secretory IgA deficiency, American Academy of Environmental Medicine CME Nutrition Course, Dallas TX, July 1992

The Bowel and the Immune System in Chemically Sensitive Patients, American Academy of Environmental Medicine Advanced Seminar, Reno, NV, October 1993

Double Blind Placebo Diet Controlled Crossover Study of IgG ELISA Pilot I, American Academy of Environmental Medicine Advanced Seminar, Virginia Beach, VA October 1994

Your Are NOT What You Eat: Double Blind Placebo Diet Controlled Study of IgG ELISA, Pilot II. American College for Advancement in Medicine Semi Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA , November 1994

Alternative Approaches to Autism, NIH State of the Science Seminar, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, April 11, 1995 (With Dr. Bernard Rimland)

How The Gut Knows What It’s Got, - Mucosal Immune Recognition. Conference on GI Functional Assessment. Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, May 6-7, 1995

Biochemistry and Immunology of Autism, Autism Research Institute Seminar, Chicago, June 1996

The DAN! Protocol for Autism: Instutute for the Achievement of Human Potential, Wyndmoor, PA, May 1997

The Autism Database, DAN! Conference, San Diego, September 1997

Keynote lecture: Nutrient Effects in Clinical Medicine: Maximizing Genetic Potential, 5th International Symposium in Functional Medicine, Hawaii, May 1998

Workshop: The Daily Practice of Functional Mapping the Territory; 5th International Symposium in Functional Medicine, Hawaii, May 1998

Interpretation of Laboratory Tests and Clinical Strategies in Treatment of Autism, Conference on Effective Natural Approaches for Treating Children with Autism and ADD/ADHD, Cherry Hill, NJ, October 3-4, 1998

Clinical Experience with Secretin in Treatment of Autism: NICHD/NIDCD Autism Network on the Neurobiology and Genetics of Autism,

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, December 14, 1998

Children as an Indicator Species: Autism and Attention Deficit. Smith College Faculty – Student Colloquium on the Ecology of Childhood.,Northampton, MA, November 19, 1998

Rhythmic Aspects of Functional Medical Therapies, Sixth International Symposium on Functional Medicine, May 26, 1999 Tucson, Arizona

The Diplomat’s Daughter’s Coma And Other Mysteries Of Molecular Mimicry, Luncheon talk at , Sixth International Symposium on Functional Medicine, May 26, 1999, Tucson, Arizona

Detoxification and Homocysteine. Healthtrends 2000, Copenhagen August 1999

The DAN! Protocol, Where We Have Come From, Where Are We Going, Defeat Autism Now, Annual Conference, October 1-3, 1999, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

What works, Defeat Autism Now, Annual Conference, September 2000, San Diego

Two lectures on clinical aspects of Autism, Defeat Autism Now, Annual Conference, May 2001, Atlanta

Two lectures on clinical aspects of Autism, Defeat Autism Now, Semi-Annual Conference, October 2001, San Diego

Biomedical approaches to Autism, The DAN! Protocol, Review of Secretin in Autism: Congresso Internazionale “Il tesoro sommerso” Ricerca e riabilitazione nell’Autismo. Verona, Italy November 15, 2001

Two lectures on clinical aspects of Autism, Defeat Autism Now, SemiAnnual Conference, May 2002, Boston

Workshop on Autism for Wallingford Connecticut Board of Education, School Psychologists, August 2002

Basic Clinical Strategies in Autism, DAN! Conference, San Diego, CA, October 26 2003

Chosing The Best Treatment For Your Child, DAN! Conference, San Diego, CA, October 27, 2003

Individuality and Thiol Chemistry in Autistic Children, With Jill James, PhD. 2006 Spring DAN! Meeting, Washington DC April 4-10

Who Ignores Individuality Fails the Patient. Institute for Functional Medicine, 13th Internation Symposium. April 19-22, 2006 Tampa, FL.

The Oceanic Disease, , Defeat Autism Now, Annual Conference, April 2008, Chery Hill , NJ


Board of Directors, Women's Health Services, New Haven, CT, a free standing, feminist health care and health education service (1971 1985)

Professional Advisory Board Member of The Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research (1979-1985)


U.S. Army Reserve, 1956 1963; Rank at discharge: SP 5 Member 340th General Hospital, New Haven, CT.


Born January 28, 1937 in Providence, Rhode Island. Grew up in Wellesley Hills, MA; Shaker Heights, OH; and Exeter, NH. Father was a Unitarian Minister and the Dean of Students, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1947 1950 (killed in a plane crash in 1950). Mother, an artist (died in 1974) was married in 1956 to Henry W. Bragdon, author and history teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy.


Gardening, Carpentry, Photography, Hiking, Canoeing

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