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Would You Like To Understand Your Blood Tests?

Learn To Read and Understand Your Blood Tests in Less Than 30 Minutes

Yes, I said 30 minutes or less. Many people are under the impression that blood tests are difficult to read and that you must have an MD degree to understand it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Understand that most doctors are busy. Matter of fact, many are flooded with an avalanche of paper work and simply don't have the time to really study your blood test the way they would like to.

The days of your doctor knowing everything about you and your family are over. Many people are finally realizing that they must be pro-active in their own health care and are taking responsibility to learn everything they can about their health.

With "How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests Without a Medical Degree", you will find that reading and understanding your tests is quite simple.

Matter of fact, it is not uncommon at all for a person after reading this simplified patient reference guide to discover something of concern on a blood test their doctor didn't notice or didn't believe was important.

After buying your blood manual, I realized my doctor had missed something on my lab test. I am definitely no doctor, but your manual was able to explain in simple terms what all those number finally mean. Can you believe I discovered I was suffering with a low grade infection. After reviewing the results with my doctor, he promptly recommended the right medicine and I am doing fine. Thanks Dr. Grisanti. Your book was a life-saver.

Joe-- Reading, Pennsylvania

Do you often say, "I wish my doctor would take the time to explain my results." I frequently hear my patients complain that they get a five second phone call from their doctor's nurse telling them everything is fine. But is it? Granted we all want to have confidence that our doctor labored over every detail of your blood report and studied it with a fine toothcomb. But still are you certain that your doctor has not missed something important?

Case in point, a 49-year man by the name of John recently had a complete physical examination and comprehensive blood test and was told that everything was fine. However, John decided to request his blood test and found that one of his kidney tests was out of the normal range. This one finding led to the discovery that John had a prostate problem. What if John did not have the knowledge to understand his blood test?

Another example is a 37 year woman who was experiencing significant fatigue. Although her doctor said all her tests were normal, she insisted based on what she learned from this manual that her doctor should order a special test for anemia. To her doctor's surprise, the test came back abnormal revealing the cause of Mary's fatigue. Again, what if Mary did not have this information to better understand her blood test?

I am firmly convinced that people need to take an active role in their health care and not assume that their physician is infallible. By no means am I saying that you should play doctor, but I do believe you should partner with your doctor in your overall health management Here's a sampling of what you will learn in "How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests Without a Medical Degree":

  • The most important test to rule out diabetes
  • A nutritional deficiency that may increase sugar levels
  • An herb that has been linked to lower potassium levels (not good!)
  • The one blood test all people need to have checked to prevent a heart problem (not cholesterol)
  • If your level of this test is over 1.2, you may have a prostate problem
  • Suspect early kidney disease if your blood test shows a value between 2-4
  • A low level of this blood test is usually associated with digestive disorders.
  • Pancreatic enzyme deficiency may be suspected with low levels of these three blood tests.
  • Four danger signs indicating a serious life-threatening illness.
  • An important test that is associated with zinc deficiency.
  • Low levels of these two tests may indicate a B-6 deficiency.
  • The most important test to rule out iron deficiency anemia
  • Why a value of under 130 for this blood test is dangerous and has been linked to stokes.
  • A blood test commonly overlooked and found to be linked to parasitic infections.
  • Five drugs that lower platelets.
  • An excellent test to confirm chronic microscopic bleeding.
  • The most important thyroid tests (it is not only TSH).
  • And much more

    You can be reading your copy of "How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests Without a Medical Degree". within minutes even if it's 2:00 in the morning!

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